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Genuine hand hammered Himalayan singing bowls made of a seven metal alloy (gold, silver, iron, mercury, tin, copper, lead) and infused with healing mantras. Crafted into shape and tone, each bowl is a different note and vibrational frequency that aligns with one of the seven chakras (energy centers) of the body.

F = Root Chakra (survival, security, grounding)

C = Sacral Chakra (emotions, sensuality, creativity)

G = Solar Plexus Chakra (expression of will, personal power, mental abilities)

D = Heart Chakra (love, compassion, relationships)

A = Throat Chakra (expression of self – your truth, purpose in life, creativity)

E = Third Eye Chakra (intuition, perception)

B = Crown Chakra (higher consciousness)

Available for viewing at Bayview Healing Suites by appointment, (206) 909-5768.

Bowl Trio.jpg
Hand Hammered Bowls - Plain
singing bowl.jpg
Black Mantra Bowls
Dimple Bowls.jpg
Dimple Bowls
Etched Bowls.jpg
Etched Bowls
Metal-like Straight Up Style.jpg
Crystal Like Metal Bowls, 
Straight Up Style
Manakamana bowls.jpg
Manakamana Bowls
Therapy bowls 2.jpg
Therapy Bowl Sets
Australian Jasper Mala_Instagram.png
Nepalese Handcrafted Jewelry
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