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"This is an experience of healing through an offering of peace for body, mind, soul. Gail is a gifted healer and an energy of flow that interrupts the static of stress that fills us. The bowls are powerful, relaxing, and beautiful. It is a portal into opening chakras that have closed in the rush of daily life. You leave energized, relaxed, peaceful, and as if you have learned once again to breathe. Don't miss the experience to learn how to find your essential self and your internal life force. Gail is an intuitive gentle guide into the sacred self. I say, Go there often!"


Madison, WI

"I had a phenomenal singing bowl session with Gail Kronberg.  As a practitioner I am very picky, Gail is truly the healer's healer.  Don't wait, set up a session with her asap."


W. Seattle, WA

"Gail is an absolute gift to this world.  For the years I've known her, she puts everything into each Sound Bath and Session.  He love, light and talent radiate through each bowl with the purest healing.  We share our passion of Singing Bowls with world and I know how absolutely difficult this path is.  She is a true Singing Bowl Bodhisattva.  The deepest love, gratitude & admiration for her light in my life."


Bothell, WA

"I thoroughly enjoyed Friday night's Sound Bath & Reiki Healing with you and Melinda Kaur.  Your bowls were sensational, and the Reiki, peaceful.  You two are a delicious combination of deep healing and loveliness.  Thank you both!  I look forward to the next event."


Monroe, WA

"I highly recommend experiencing onw of Gail's singing bowl events or healing sessions.  She is incredible...very talented!!  You can feel the sound of the bowls resonating throughout your entire body.  I love it!!"


Bothell, WA

"I have had the opportunity to experience lots of different types of bodywork/massage, and I can say that my series of Tibetan singing bowl massages with Gail were the MOST relaxing type of massage I have ever experienced. The relaxing sounds of the bowls and the vibrations wash over you and through you; and in each session I have felt an energetic shift through out my body.  Gail's presence is deeply peaceful and nurturing; and she has an intuitive knowing about what might work best for whatever I want to work with in my session...whether it is for relieving physical pain, stress relief, or deep and profound relaxation.  I highly recommend Gail as a practitioner of singing bowl massage!"


Kirkland, WA

"This is a lovely, meditative, and relaxing treat to give yourself. The sound of the singing bowls truly enters your being and you can feel the atoms join! I recommend it to everyone seeking deeper paths to inner peace and relaxation."


Sammamish, WA

"I really enjoyed Gail's Singing Bowls Soundsation event at Cedar Sanctuary last Sunday. It was beautiful, relaxing and healing."


Newcastle, WA

"I had a session with Gail at Inner Alchemy and it was truly healing and relaxing. I highly recommend this to anybody that would like to be exposed to the power of Tibetan bowls and such a wonderful and dedicated healer like Gail."


Seattle, WA

"The Mandala - Self Discovery Through Art & Sound class with Tami and Gail at Inner Alchemy was excellent.  I loved the guided meditation with the singing bowls and being immersed in a sound bath to enhance creativity while creating my own work of art."


W. Seattle

"What an amazing experience! At the time of the session, I was under a lot of pressure and stress. I had anxiety and was having trouble getting restful sleep. The singing bowls were very peaceful and relaxing, releasing a lot of negative energy. Afterwards I felt very centered, and my anxiety and stress were greatly reduced. I was able to get good sleep. I highly recommend Gail and her wonderful singing bowls!"


Woodinville, WA

"Gail did a stellar job with her singing bowls! The sounds they made were beautiful! The treatment for my multiple current and past injuries was perfect. With manual deep tissue massage, I tend to bruise and be very painful for up to 72 hours past treatment. With her singing bowls, Gail was able to address painful injuries, using the frequency and vibration of the bowls to promote healing. I felt tremendous relief after the massage, with no bruising or any discomfort. I definitely encourage everyone to try this therapy!"


Sammamish, WA

"Thank you for such a wonderful healing experience yesterday!  You really do have a special gift working with singing bowls.  I've never heard or experienced anything like it!!"


Bothell, WA

"Loved it!  Gail and her singing bowls were so relaxing and grounding, and the tarot reading was fantastic and the reader had a wonderful calming energy.  I think doing the two together just made it all the more powerful.  I drove away feeling both excited about the future and my present while also feeling really relaxed and grounded."


Bellevue, WA

"Gail is an amazing Reiki Master and Singing Bowl Artist.  I recently suffered a major injury and fractured my wrist and nose, went through surgery and now I am recovering and healing.  Getting a good nights sleep has been difficult, however, after one session with Gail and her expertise in Reiki and playing  the singing bowls I was so relaxed.  I slept like a baby and I am well on my way to being healed!  Thank you Gail, your gift and talent is like none I have ever experienced."


Kirkland, WA

"Thank you for a wonderful session yesterday.  I returned home feeling wholeness and calm.  I will visit again as I have experienced first-hand the splendid benefit of a singing bowl session."


Sammamish, WA

"Gail, I wanted to thank you for my last session.  I had tightness in my legs from the knees down.  It was gone by the time I left and it has not returned.  I felt genuine relaxation in my whole being."


Kirkland, WA

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