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Individual Sessions

Sound Healing Journey

Immerse yourself in a sacred healing journey as you are guided into a state of deep relaxation by the gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative sounds and vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls and other healing instruments played on and around the body. This ancient form of energy medicine is used to create balance and alignment of the physical body, the chakras, and your energy fields.


60 Minutes $120

90 Minutes $180

Chakra Clearing and Balancing.png
Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Himalayan singing bowls with warm water are placed on and around the body and played in specific tone sequences to clear the circulation of energy and create harmony and balance between the chakra centers.


60 Minutes $120


Acupuncture is a traditional eastern medicine system to balance the body and mind through stimulation of specific points addressing pain, blockages, digestive, emotional, hormonal, and musculoskeletal issues.  Combining sound healing with an acupuncture treatment will elevate your experience to a higher level resulting in enhanced healing and a more balanced state of being.


60 Minutes $240

w/Sonya Tsuchigane, L.Ac

Soundsations Fassage.png
Soundsations Fassage

Indulge yourself as you receive a relaxing and revitalizing classic European facial treatment in tandem with the soothing resonant sounds of Himalayan singing bowls to calm the mind and restore the body. This treatment includes a facial with aromatherapy, sound healing, Reiki, a heated amethyst BioMat, Acutonic tuning forks, and more.


80 Minutes  $250

w/Susan Bremsner, Master Esthetician

Sound Healing & Massage.png
Sound Massage

Experience the power and expansive energy of Himalayan singing bowls to connect, release, and embrace while receiving a deeply therapeutic and restorative massage.  Customized to suit your body’s specific needs, your therapist will integrate a combination of Swedish, deep tissue techniques, trigger point, and shiatsu for the perfect full-body experience.   We guarantee you’ll leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and pampered.


60 Minutes $240

w/Eva Davis, LMP

Usui Holy Fire Reiki.png
Usui Holy Fire & Shamanic Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that attunes the energy flow within the body and allows for natural healing processes to occur.  With a gentle touch or by placing the hands slightly above the body, Reiki works with spiritually guided life force energy to treat the body, mind, heart, and soul. 


60 Minutes $120

90 Minutes $180

4 Hands Reiki and Sound Healing.png
4 Hands Reiki & Sound Healing Journey

Nurture your mind and body as two practitioners working in tandem bring you the ultimate Reiki and Sound Healing experience.  Connect to higher self and allow a more authentic, joyous life through the power of vibrational sound and subtle energy attunements that invite deep relaxation and self-discovery. This powerful session will provide you with a new sense of clarity and guide you on your Journey ahead.


60 Minutes $240

w/Susan Bremsner or Sonya Tsuchigane, Reiki Practitioners

Tuning fork therapy.png
Spiral of 5ths Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

These sessions are all about relaxation and balancing the body from different pairs of tuning forks applied to the ears.  The pure 5th is the most important interval in sound healing as it produces an organized wave of expansion and contraction throughout the body.  This occurs at all levels helping the body to relax deeply.  This relaxed state encourages the body to regenerate and the energy system to balance and align.


20-30 Minutes $30

Amethyst BioMat

Enhance your treatment with the Amethyst BioMat.  The BioMat is an FDA-licensed medical device that combines state-of-the-art Far Infrared Light and Negative Ion Technology with the healing power of Amethyst Crystals.  The gentle warmth of the far-infrared rays helps to promote relaxation, improve circulation and cardiovascular function, repairs soft tissue, relieves pain, reduces stress and fatigue, and boosts the immune system.


Add-On $20

Sound Healing & Reiki for Animals.png
Reiki & Sound Healing for Animals

A gentle, non-invasive therapy to help animals balance physical, mental/emotional, and energetic levels.  Promotes relaxation and calm in animals with anxiety and stress, aids in pain management for the ill or injured, and provides compassionate support for dying animals that can make the transition more peaceful for all concerned.


30 Minutes $60

60 Minutes $120

Special Packages.png
Special Packages

3-60 minute private sessions of your choice $330 (Reg. $360)

5-60 minute private sessions of your choice $525 (Reg. $600)

Gift Cards Available Online or In Person

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